Tennis racket ProKennex KI Q + TOUR MOD. 13413

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From the fine chassis, the balance shifted to the handle and the flexible capacity, this Ki Q + Tour (300g) gives great control and gameplay on the arm.

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From the fine chassis, the balance shifted to the handle and the flexible capacity, this Ki Q + Tour (300g) gives great control and gameplay on the arm. This racket replaces the 2015 Q Tour version (300) and is updated with more mass at the top of the oval to gain stability and power. Despite its weight of 300g, it remains stable and effective in defense against powerful packs. With Kinetic Technology Technology Q, Q + This Tour (300) presents an oval with reinforced frame to the four corners of the dial, ideal for absorbing the shock of impact with the ball and transfer energy with every blow. Those who use ProKennex for a long time will love the soft feelings and good connection to the game that keeps in this model. It also has the Spiraltech Carbon frame, created by a process that eliminates internal impurities and air bubbles, improving vibration absorption and performance in the game. In the baseball game ensures precision, contact with the game and comfort to the arm. to be a relatively light chassis, it also provides excellent stability in defense against powerful attacks. A network, it's easy to handle a quick and practical game when you close the points in vole. With this Prokennex racquet offers a good choice for those looking for control, gaming sensations and ease of movement with easy access to spin and speed.


ColorGray asparagus
Head size98
String pattern16x19

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